Our nurseries located in Miranda, Glenbrook and Huntly are offering a special price. Beautiful natives from $2.00!

Grab your tree now, support our most vulnerable people, contribute to the environment and enjoy your planting!

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We are a Community-led Enterprise based on business principles to achieve Social, Environmental, Economic and Cultural aspirations.

Kinesthetic Work & Life Skills Self-assessment & Development hubs are codesigned with community partners to fit each unique multisector community needs. The hubs support communities to eradicate poverty in a way that simultaneously reduces inequality and exclusion while protecting the environment on which we all depend.

Nurture the land, give life to the people.

Our Mission


We aim to create a sustainable ecological, social and educational enterprise that supports, trains and advocates for people who find it challenging to enter the labour market.  By empowering people to break habits and change the inter-generational cycle, they can create a better life for themselves and future generations.   We hope this will inspire other organisations to include social, environmental, economic and cultural components and Te Whangai Trust can help them meet these.



Whangai — an indigenous concept of Aotearoa — is a means of meeting community social needs especially for the young, ensuring they are provided with adequate opportunity to grow.




Over the last century and a half, the industrial revolution and demand for cheap food to feed lower socio-economies have placed unsustainable pressures on our environment.




The pursuit of financial profit without measuring social and environmental or cultural consequences, has led to the denigration of our environment and social structure.




Our point of difference with trading partners is our indigenous culture. Maori lived alongside nature for 25 generations before the arrival of the Europeans who lived off of nature.


We are honoured and proud that the work of Te Whangai Trust was named the Supreme Winner of the Green Ribbon Awards for 2016.  Please see the awards site for more details.

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