An image of a team enjoying a practical assignment - nursery layout.

About the project

This young man came to us with no previous knowledge or experience in the horticulture industry and over 200 hours of community service to complete through Corrections. His previous encounters with Police and the Justice System were major barriers to him securing employment and he found himself stuck in the self-perpetuating poverty cycle.


As an agency for Corrections we were able to work off his hours prior to him starting the course, and within 7 weeks he had completed these hours (which would normally take him over a year to complete).


Although he tried hard for the 5 months he was on the course, his enthusiasm and efforts waned, to the point where he was just doing enough to get by. He was not experiencing any perceived advancement in his current situation.


A position came up in a nursery looking for propagation and cultivation experience. The job was 22km from his house with working hours of 6.00am – 3.00pm. He was prepared to ride his bike to work every day to secure this position. He started on a week’s trial and his employer was so impressed with him that she immediately drew up a contract for full time employment.  She commented about his excellent knowledge of propagation which was on par with the knowledge of her current supervisors, and his work ethic.


In conversations with him since he started work he made comment that he hadn’t realised how much he had learnt whilst out at the Trust and now that he is in employment he can see the purpose of what we are doing.


He sent a text after his first pay that explained in “graphic detail” just how delighted he was.