In pursuit of Cultural integrity

The only point of difference that Aotearoa has with trading partners is our indigenous culture.  For some 25 generations Maori lived alongside natures resources until the arrival of Europeans who began living off of nature’s resources. Maori like every culture made some mistakes but their cultures DNA is instinctively more closely aligned to environmental needs than to some of  science’s unsustainable practices.   Recognising and incorporating these values alongside science will truly demonstrate to our trading partners our community’s determination of not only supply the safest wholesome editable food but also sustainably produced products and services.


As it stands today and perhaps ahead of any culture we can proudly take our Maori culture and its mana anywhere in the world where it is meet with absolute appreciation. There can be no deigning the aura and sensation it carries out into audiences. Our culture’s ability to speak to its history environment beliefs and ancestors as if they were living beings is absolutely unique in the modern world where people perceive themselves as supreme.


Deigning our communities, our environment and our products the power of our indigenous culture to walk alongside them displaying the same manner that Maori culture has the ability to do in its own right is leaving an untapped latent resource that will be unique on the world economies stages.


Combining his with our environmental pursuit brings added tourist as well as export opportunities both of which our nation is dependent on to maintain sustainable equality of opportunity through collaborative indigenous cultural integration.


Creating and holding the space in which to celebrate the diversity of cultures alongside the recognition of the special place Maoridom hold in Aotearoa will lead the world in recognising importance of maintaining and celebrating cultural differences as opposed to smothering indigenous cultures as we have in the past like of parts of our unique environment.


The Vision


To continue to lead the world as we have done in past by thinking laterally for the good of the people.

The environmentally based skills platforms respond to the strengths and interests of Maori, Pacific families and communities, creating services that are effective for the people in need  of Whangai  support. 


Based a whare tapu wha- mind , body , spirit and family the holistic approach focuses on traditional values applied to 21st century issues. Understanding indigenous cultural customs and aspirations for our environment encourages the exploration of individual cultural customs and aspirations celebrating  and respecting the difference’s and the richness of diversity.


Obligations pertaining to Aotearoa indigenous cultural and environmental values can be better appreciated when compared to one’s own expectations. Maoridom  focus on environmental sustainability  and legacy creating pathways to learning , embedding theory into practical application and transitioning  into employment and equity of opportunity.

An image of a team of trainees enjoy identifying native plants and their medicinal properties at Miranda nursery.

A team of trainees enjoy identifying native plants and their medicinal properties at Miranda nursery.

What does Te Whangai mean?

Te Whangai is Maori for “to nurture” or “to adopt”.