DIY – Water Wicking Drip System

In this method, you are linking up your plant to a water system using a simple cotton string. Wick watering works great for longer lengths of time — the more water you supply in the external bucket or vase, the longer your plants will be taken care of. The system is also great for those with more than one plant as you can water multiple plants at a time.

Project time: Five minutes

Materials + tools needed:

  • Cotton rope
  • A vase or bucket

Step 1: Cut the cotton ropes.

Make sure to get cotton rope because this is the most absorbent material that will easily transfer into the soil of the plants. You want the rope to have slack on the end inside the vase of water and also be able to reach several inches under the soil. Cut a rope for each plant that needs watering.

Step 2: Place ends of rope in the soil and water.

Push one end of the rope several inches under each of the plants’ soil, then cover each rope with soil to make sure it stays. You can also use a pencil to stuff each rope into the soil. Have the other end of the rope placed in the vase or bucket filled with water, and make sure there is extra slack on this end.

Step 3: Water plant and fill the vase.

Fill up the vase with water and then water the plants to start the process. This method is great for those who have multiple plants and want one setup.